Charging Solutions for All Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

Full Service Charging Solutions For All Your EV Charging Needs

WE-CHARGE and our partner network offers complete end-to-end service including consultation, sales, and installation. We offer a full range of electric vehicle charging hardware solutions, installed and serviced by experienced professionals.

We assist with product selection, network software configuration, and guide you through the process of finding EVC incentives, rebates and grants for your project.

Our fast on-grid and off-grid EV charging solutions are designed for multiple use cases, from individual EV owners, lot landowners, budling developers commercial fleet operators, and leasing entities in mind.

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EV Charging Solution For All Locations

Level 2- AC Home & Commercial Chargers
Level 3 – DC Fast Charge & Superchargers
Level 2 / Level 3 Off-Grid – EV Charging Stations

WE-CHARGE can help evaluate and create custom-tailored EV charging solutions for any location; designed to meet your specific goals and needs, with the latest technology and software.

Electric mobility tailored your way with charging stations, software, and services, all in one place.

Powering Our Sustainable Future

Turnkey Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions 

WE-CHARGE provides the infrastructure and expertise. Our goal is to help accelerate the transition to an electric vehicle future in support of global net-zero targets.

Working together, we can shape a sustainable future of transportation that’s better for everyone.

EV Charging Financial Incentives & Rebates

Over the next decade, the sale of Electric Vehicles is expected grow exponentially, especially in light the Canadian Government’s mandate that all new cars and light-duty trucks sold in Canada must be zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

We work with the latest technology hardware that involves aggressive government and utility tax credits, rebates and grants that drastically improve your cash flow.

Contact us to find out what funding is available helping you choose the right hardware.

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Take advantage of EV inventive programs

Our team will work with you and the incentive program holders to get your application approved and processed quickly.


Want to know how to build the right EV charging solution? Let us help you build your charging network.

WE-CHARGE proudly serves Canada from coast to coast with warehouses in Vancouver and Calgary. Our incredible network of EVC professionals and installers provides unmatched service and support for Canadians looking to powering our sustainable future.

Contact us today for a consultation and let’s find the right electric vehicle charging system for your needs.